"Blue Revolution"

Bihar is one of India's best freshwater resources. Its c.70,000 hectares of embanked water bodies (ponds, tanks, etc.) and 300,000 hectares of water logged area, of which at least one-third is perennially under water, represents an immense natural resource. With an annual production of c.350,000 tonnes of fish and an annual consumption of c.500,000 tonnes of fish, Bihar with it’s vast natural resources faces an acute supply shortfall.  Though, the national production average for fish is above 3,000 kg of fish per hectare, Bihar currently produces c.1,000 kg of fish per hectare i.e. yields in Bihar are one-third of the national average. Research shows that Bihar can produce 30-32x of national average if resources are used efficiently and scientifically.

Agratam India is working very closely with fishermen & fisherwomen to improve their livelihood and to create the infrastructure needed to bring about a Blue Revolution in Bihar by:
1.    facilitating financial assistance for the entire value chain (for individual fish farming, to create new ponds, to renovate old ponds, to set up hatcheries and to set up fish feed mills)
2.    facilitating insurance cover for fish (crop insurance) and fishermen/fisherwomen (life insurance, health insurance, etc.)
3.    providing training in modern techniques of fish farming

As of May 2014, Agratam India with support from COFFED has facilitated loans of more than Rs. 3.5 crores (c.USD 585,000) to over 1,275 fish farmers for individual fish farming by Uttar Bihar Grameen Bank, Punjab National Bank and Central Bank of India. We have also facilitated life and health insurance for more than 2,400 fishermen and fisherwomen.

Additionally, with the help of the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), Agratam India has helped finance two hatcheries, three fish farms and is currently working on setting up Bihar’s first medium sized fish feed mill which represents an investment size of Rs. 16 crores (c.USD 2.67million).

List of blocks where we are currently working:
1.    Gaighat, Muzaffarpur
2.    Aurai, Muzaffarpur
3.    Katra, Muzaffarpur
4.    Sakra, Muzaffarpur
5.    Bandra, Muzaffarpur
6.    Muraul, Muzaffarpur
7.    Mushahari, Muzaffarpur
8.    Bochahan, Muzaffarpur
9.    Kudhani, Muzaffarpur
10.   Paroo, Muzaffarpur
11.   Saraiya, Muzaffarpur
12.   Runisaidpur, Sitamadhi
13.   Khanpur, Samastipur
14.   Singhwara, Darbhanga